Meet the Team

Members of our crew are newly-graduated Chapman University students constantly looking for creative work in the entertainment industry. Some of us work for agencies while others freelance or have already started our own companies. Connect with us on LinkedIn or Instagram!

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Kaylin George : Director

Influenced by a mixed family background, a childhood spent moving from place to place, and her passion for travel, Kaylin finds herself drawn to stories centered around diverse characters who share emotional connection. In all her films, Kaylin aspires to show genuine human feeling within unconventional story structures and compelling visuals. Kaylin also enjoys screenwriting and costume design. She hopes to work for a production company, perhaps internationally, and to pursue her dream of artistic film direction within the industry.

Jeff Haskell : Co-Producer

Jeff currently works as a post production manager at Trikon Production House. He was born in Texas but lived in Venezuela, Scotland, Trinidad and Canada before moving to California. He is double majoring in Creative Producing and Computer Science. He’s passionate about finding ways to be creative through technology.

Georgia Franklin-Willis : Co-Producer

Georgia grew up in a household full of strong women, and is dedicated to telling women’s stories. She enjoys writing, directing, and producing. She was part of a writer’s team on an independent TV pilot and wrote and directed two short films, one of which was shot on the Warner Brother’s lot as part of the AT&T Shape Create-a-Ton. She co-produced an independent short film as well as production managed a junior thesis film.

Arthur Asseman : First Assistant Director

Arthur was born in Auffargis, France and grew up in London, England. He’s a director and assistant director. He’s directed several short films, including his own senior thesis project, which was three stage build of massive proportions and included complex elements such as motion capture and VFX. There, he learned a great deal about building conceptualization and design, as well as realistic scheduling.

Jacob Greene : Unit Production Manager

Jacob Greene is a senior Creative Producing major from Los Angeles, CA. If he isn’t working on his next project you can find him at a concert. Jacob is excited to help bring this project to life.

Arin Meyer : Cinematographer

Arin is studying cinematography at Chapman University. She comes from Westport, Connecticut and moved to California to begin her work at a Director of Photography. She began her college career hoping to write and direct, but as she learned more about cinematography she began to fall in love with how the technology meets story through camera and lighting. She redirected her passion towards perfecting herself as a cinematographer.

Noah Dains : Production Designer

Noah Dains is a prolific production designer from Los Angeles who works endlessly to perfect his craft of production design, doing so by tackling as many genres, periods, and people as possible in order to have a wide understanding of his profession. He’s been the production designer on over twelve different projects, and has been an instrumental member of seven large scale stage builds, two of which he designed.

Athena Saxon : Art Director

Athena Saxon grew up in the Bay Area and has a deep love for history and the arts. She is Senior Strategic and Corporate Communication major, minoring in both Leadership Studies and Television Writing and Production. She also studies Production Design and has PD’d over a dozen undergraduate and graduate Chapman films over the last three years. Her short-form pilot Get The F*ck Out is currently in post production.

Kelly Broderick : Costume Designer

Kelly Broderick is a senior Film Studies major at Chapman University. Over the past four years, she has crafted her own interdisciplinary program in costume design out of a combination of studying film, studio art, art history, and history. She is particularly interested in the theory of film costume and in period fashion, and has experience in in-depth historical research for both realized student films and conceptual design projects, as well as a lifelong background in visual arts. 

Hayley Stablow : Editor

Hayley’s experience lies in post-production; she’s passionate about editing as well as coloring. She worked as an assistant editor for mOcean, a Los Angeles based post-production company. Hayley is proficient in Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, and the Adobe Creative Suite.