Post Production

"Sound and score were so important to this film. Every footstep and every drum strike was meticulously designed to fit and flow into the overall tapestry of the piece."



Composers are in change of designing and recording the underlying music of the film. A good composer will follow the emotional beats of the film to the tone of the music. Our composer, Robert Mai, has experience in Indian, Japanese, and French styles.

Sound  Design

Using industry-quality equipment, we produced many of the sound effects you hear in the film ourselves on a foley stage. 


Eli Weiss is our film's sound designer. He converted our dialogue, sound effects, foley, and musical composition into a "5.1" arrangement, allowing sounds to fill the theatre and reach the audience from all directions.

Hear a sample of the film's remarkable score by composer Robert Mai:

"The Funeral" - Robert Mai
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